Mack Partners With JWF For Military Vehicle Assembly

By pdamon02 June 2016

Mack Defense LLC, part of the Volvo Group, has announced a partnership with JWF Defense Systems, LLC for the assembly of the Mack Defense Lakota 6×6 vehicle system.

In addition to assembly, the partnership includes the manufacture of the vehicle’s armored hull. The Lakota 6×6 is engineered to be a highly adaptable vehicle designed to meet the needs of a variety of missions.

JWF Defense Systems is a wholly-owned division of JWF Industries, Inc. of Johnstown, Pa

“We look forward to working with JWF Defense Systems on the assembly of these vehicle solutions along with production of their armored hulls,” said Ryan Werling, president of Mack Defense. “JWF Defense has a long tradition of supporting the U.S. Dept. of Defense, and we are excited to have them as part of our team. In addition to the partnership for the Lakota, we also believe there is an opportunity for JWF to participate in the assembly of other armored vehicle programs that we are pursuing around the globe.”

The Mack Defense Lakota 6×6 vehicle system, which incorporates a U.S.-built diesel engine and transmission, is capable of a maximum on-road speed of 62 mph with a range of up to 1400 miles. Available in five configurations, the Lakota 6×6 can transport up to 12 personnel. The vehicle is serviceable across the Volvo Group support network, which has locations around the world.

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