Machine Controls From Husco

By Mike Brezonick19 February 2020

Half of Husco’s booth at IFPE will be dedicated to its new E-Control group, said Simon Yardley, director of Strategic Business Development & Marketing for the Waukesha, Wis.-based company.

Husco’s product line is based on its range of cartridge valves. The electronic pressure reducing valve (EPRV) takes a signal precisely moves a spool or engaging transmission clutches, for example.

“This component is designed by the Husco off-highway division but built in an automotive environment,” said Yardley. “We’re using an automotive supply chain, automotive production cell and automotive quality practices that allow these products to be incredibly high performance and incredibly cost effective. They are the foundation to the E-Control group. It appears in all of the products.”

Depending on the application and the specific needs of the customer, products from the E-Control group couple the cartridge valve with Husco’s vehicle system knowledge and field experience to create sub-systems, open architecture machine control software and turn-key control solutions to control such functions as steering, braking and transmission control.

“We’re leveraging what we’ve seen as a market differentiated product in the solenoid valve which is needed to achieve some of the performance levels end-users and OEMs want,” said Andreas Pack, director Global Business Development, Husco.  “We see Husco as unique in terms of our mix and the balance between our off- highway division and our automotive division. The E-control group sits at the intersection of those two spaces.”

As an example of what E-Control can mean to the off-highway equipment industry, the company recently launched its Exacto system, a turnkey digital machine control system that it said will make it easy to implement digital commands on pilot operated systems. The plug-and-play system has multiple modes of operation, built-in safety controls, and integrated controller and sensor connections to allow digital control of an excavator’s functions.

See Husco at IFPE booth S-80815.

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