Liebherr highlighting hydraulics, engine tech at ConExpo

By Mike Brezonick27 February 2023

Liebherr-Components is presenting its broad range of component technologies at IFPE. Among the highlights is the newest DPVO variable displacement axial piston pump for mobile equipment applications. Now available in a 550 cc/rev displacement, the swashplate pumps target open circuit and high-pressure applications. Offering a 100% throughput capability, the new DPVO 550i pump is available a single unit or can be combined in a tandem configuration for an 1100 cc/rev displacement.

Liebherr DPVO 550i pump Liebherr’s new DPVO 550i hydraulic pump. (Photo: Liebherr)

Along with its hydraulic components, Liebherr has also made significant investments into the development of hydrogen engines and fuel systems. On the fuel injection side, the company has been in development with port fuel injection (PFI) and direct injection (DI) and the first prototype construction machines powered by H2 engines using the systems have been running since 2021.

In the DI system, hydrogen is injected directly into the combustion chamber, while in the PFI technology, H2 enters the cylinder through the air intake port. DI offers improved combustion efficiency and power density, which makes hydrogen an attractive alternative to diesel for more demanding applications.

A four-cylinder prototype H964 engine incorporating Liebherr’s H2 direct injection will be on display at IFPE and the company said it aims to begin off series production of hydrogen engines in 2025.

The company will also display its bearing clearance monitoring system, a digital condition monitoring technology for slewing bearings used in mining, material handling and marine equipment. The BCM is desig*ned to measure axial and radial bearing wear as well as tilting clearance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs and improving machine safety.

See Liebherr at IFPE booth S-80821

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