Kohler’s New Virtual Booth

By Roberta Prandi24 September 2020

There is no doubt that the particular period we are living in, is pushing companies to find new and creative ways to keep in touch with partners and customers around the world.

Kohler Engines tackled this matter with the introduction of the Kohler Virtual Booth, a new digital space to help serving and supporting OEMs remotely.

The Kohler Virtual Booth is meant to give a very similar feeling to visiting a Kohler booth at a trade show. In fact, the Kohler Virtual Booth will be available for different application segments in limited timeframes, matching the periods of autumn trade shows that Kohler Engines would have attended, had they not been postponed or canceled.

The Kohler Virtual Booth is dedicated to Lawn & Garden this week, which would have been the week of GaLaBau gardening and landscaping exhibition in Switzerland.

In October, the virtual booth will be dedicated again to the lawn & garden markets, matching what would have been the original time of the GIE-EXPO trade show in Louisville, KY, USA.

In November, the Kohler Virtual Booth will be focused on the agricultural market following the dateline of the EIMA exhibition in Bologna, Italy (this time with a Digital Preview since the actual show has been postponed to 3-7 February 2021).

Diesel Progress has attended the launch of the Kohler Virtual Booth and could appreciate the feeling of being immersed in a digital experience that replicates very much the atmosphere of Kohler physical booths.

Visitors have the chance to observe Kohler engines on display along with a series of technical information. There is also an area where users can book a meeting with Kohler’s salesmen and product managers to discuss the latest developments.

Kohler Engines also scheduled a series of webinars that address significant issues in the engine world and users can register to them during the visit to the Kohler Virtual Booth.

The Kohler Virtual Booth can be accessed at www.kohlerenginesvirtualbooth.com


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