Kohler expands KD Series

By Mike Brezonick19 April 2023

Kohler has launched two new models in its KD Series industrial gen-set line, rated 700 and 750 kW. (Photo: Kohler)

Kohler is expanding its KD Series line of industrial diesel generators with two new units designed for 60 Hz markets. The KD700 and KD750 add to the smaller end of the KD range, which now covers 20 power nodes from 700 to 4000 kW. The new machines are EPA Tier 2 certified for stationary emergency service and target mission critical applications such as airports, healthcare facilities, water treatment plants and mid-sized data centers.

“Expanding our line of KD engines is part of our overall strategy,” said Justin Loritz, product manager – Large Diesel at Kohler. “And this project allows us to expand the range of these engines while offering a competitive product and driving a significant reduction in product footprint and fuel consumption.”

Both generator sets are powered by a Kohler-branded KD18L06 diesel engine with bore and stroke dimensions of 148 x 174 mm for an overall displacement of 17.96 L. The inline six-cylinder engine is turbocharged and charge-air cooled and delivers a maximum output of 1053 bhp at 1800 rpm for the KD700 and 1100 bhp at 1800 rpm for the KD750.

“The design and engineering specification of this engine is driven by the Kohler team and these engines will be built exclusively into Kohler generator applications,” Loritz said.

The engines drive Kohler four-pole, rotating field brushless permanent magnet alternators through flexible disc couplings. The pilot excited alternators are engineered to deliver excellent load response, Kohler said, along with superior short circuit capability of up to 300% of rated current for up to 10 seconds.

The gen-sets can be equipped with either of two controllers, both built by Kohler that provide advanced control, system monitoring and system diagnostics. The APM802 controller incorporates a 12 in. graphic display with touch screen and menu control.

The APM603 control has a 7 in. graphic display with touch screen and offers the ability to parallel to control up to eight generators on an isolated bus with first-on logic, synchronizer, kW and kVAR load sharing, load management and protective relays.

Both gen-sets are available with three levels of sound attenuating enclosures and residential, critical and hospital grade silencers, along with subbase fuel tanks in various capacities. The enclosures incorporate Kohler’s fade-, scratch- and corrosion-resistant Kohler Power Armor automotive-grade textured finish.

Like all of Kohler’s KD gen-sets, the new units are approved for use with certified renewable hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) and renewable diesel (RD) fuels compliant with EN15940/ASTM D975 standards. No adaptation is needed and both HVO and diesel fuel can be mixed together, Kohler said, adding that HVO is highly stable, with no sensitivity to oxidation and can be stored long-term.

The new gen-sets are being built at Kohler’s facilities in the U.S. and France. A KD800 unit for 50 Hz applications will be built in France and will be released this summer.

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