Kohler acquires distributed energy specialist Heila

By Mike Brezonick04 January 2022

Continuing to expand its energy management capabilities, Kohler Co. announced it has acquired Heila Technologies. Heila will become part of Kohler’s Power Group. No financial details were provided.

Heila Edge The Heila Edge is a modular energy platform designed to simplify the integration, operation, optimization and scale-up of distributed energy resources and microgrids.

Heila Technologies was founded in 2015 as an MIT-born company in Somerville, Mass. and is dedicated to simplifying the integration and operation of distributed energy resources (DERs) and microgrids. In its short history, Kohler said Heila has successfully combined theoretical knowledge with practical industry experience to transform the energy industry from the ground up using DERs such as batteries, fuel cells and solar arrays as the pillars of a new resilient, sustainable and reliable grid for communities and businesses.

The company’s core offering, the Heila Edge, is a modular energy platform designed to simplify the integration, operation, optimization and scale-up of DERs. Its decentralized system is engineered to dramatically reduce system complexity and cost while increasing resiliency and reliability. As a developer of power source hardware and software, Kohler said Heila is able to integrate and optimize distributed renewable energy resources and storage solutions to create a modular microgrid, providing reliable power when the grid cannot.

Heila Technologies will operate as a standalone entity within the Kohler Power Group with General Manager Francisco Morocz reporting directly to Brian Melka, Group President – Power.

“Heila Technologies is an ideal fit for Kohler as its hardware and software solutions can be integrated with our residential and industrial generators, energy storage systems, and Clarke Energy’s renewable energy services as we continue to expand and diversify our portfolio,” said Melka. “With this acquisition, we are leveraging our history of trusted expertise in power resiliency with newer clean energy technologies. Resilient energy control through DERs is a crucial part of the development of the energy sector’s infrastructure needs of the future.”

The acquisition of Heila is the latest in a series of moves Kohler has made to expand its capabilities in distributed power and energy storage. Last month, the company formed a new division within its Residential and Power Products business, Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS), focused on providing products and services to support residential energy resiliency. In mid-2021, Kohler unveiled its Kohler Power Reserve range of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) energy storage batteries for consumer and commercial applications.

“We are very excited to join Kohler Co., a highly regarded, strong multinational organization that has achieved decades of unparalleled innovation and growth,” said Morocz. “As a young company, Heila Technologies couldn’t be more pleased to now be part of the company’s well-established Power Group and contribute to a shared strategy of power resiliency and sustainability and to accelerate the growth of clean and distributed energy resources globally.”

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