Isolated DC/DC converters

By Chad Elmore29 May 2020

Axiomatic Technologies Corp. has released a series of isolated DC/DC converters for 12V dc, 24V dc and 48V dc device power on heavy equipment.

The isolated DC/DC converters interface with 12V dc batteries to provide clean power for radios or other devices. They accept a low voltage input range down to 5V dc in order to remain active during engine cranking which ensures the radio operation is unaffected. Operation is also maintained during load dump, said the company.

  • AX083120 provides 48 Watts of 12V dc power with isolation.
  • AX083130 provides 60 Watts of 24V dc power with isolation.
  • AX083110 provides 60 Watts of 48V dc power with isolation.

The compact converters can be configured in parallel for redundancy or power sharing operations.

Axiomatic said its converters feature compliance for harsh environments with surges, load dump, power transients as well as exposure to dust, water, humidity and vibration.

Other Axiomatic isolated DC/DC converters for on-highway and off-highway vehicle applications include both step down and step up power conversions for 110V dc/24V dc; 110V dc/12V dc; 96V dc/24V dc; 96V dc/12V dc; 72V dc/24V dc; 72V dc/12V dc; 48V dc/24V dc; 48V dc/12V dc; 24V dc/14V dc; 24V dc/12V dc; 12V dc/24V dc; 12V dc/27V dc; 24V dc/48V dc; and 24V dc/120V dc.

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