Hydreco shows new gear pumps, valves

By Becky Schultz09 November 2022

Select models in the HY range of gear pumps and motors. (Photo: Diesel Progress staff)

At Bauma, Hydreco showed its new HY range of gear pumps and motors, which are being produced at the company’s new production site in Parma, Italy. The series comes with an aluminum alloy housing, two gear wheels supported by sleeve bearings and a cast iron flange and cover. Available as pumps and motors, the series is designed for high efficiency and can be applied in standard and heavy-duty applications, the company stated.

The pumps are offered as single or multiple units with a variety of flange, shaft and port options. Displacements range from 0.06 to 3.84 cu. in./rev. Pressure ratings include 3770 psi max continuous, 4200 psi max intermittent and 4500 psi max peak. Max speed is 4000 rpm.

Group 1 and group 2 pumps and motors are available in multiple configurations, with Group 2 models offered in low-noise and cast iron body versions. Group 3 models will soon be available with either an aluminum or cast iron body.

Hydreco’s new KCB valve line. (Photo: Diesel Progress staff)

Also displayed was a new line of valves to control the movement of hydraulic actuators (cylinder or motor). The KCB valves are designed to provide safe locking of the actuator with the directional valve in the idle position, or with the pump stopped. They also enable controlled movements of the actuator when the load is descending.

As a safety feature, the valves limit the maximum pressure in the service due to any shocks, overloads or abrupt maneuvers. They are also designed to allow free rise of the load thanks to a built-in one-way valve.

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