Hydraulic Tanks And Coolers

By Mike Brezonick28 May 2020

While best known for its line of flexible couplings, flanges, bell housings and other components used for power transmission between engines and hydraulic pumps in mobile equipment applications, KTR is also offering a range of hydraulic products in North America.

The company has developed a continuously growing portfolio of hydraulic components originating from its in-house development and production. The line includes aluminum and steel tanks and oil sumps that can incorporate oil level indicators; and level and temperature switches, sensors, filler breathers, oil level sight glasses, tank heaters, thermostatic valves and controllers.

KTR also offers two types of oil/air coolers available in 12 and nine standard sizes available with pressure and thermal bypass and electric or hydraulic fan drives; copper-soldered steel plate heat exchangers; and three-way bundled tube oil/water coolers with replaceable tube bundles.

Cooling packages are available for a range of mobile and stationary hydraulic applications, with marine and ATEX versions available, the company said.

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