Hydraulic Conditioning System

By Mike Brezonick21 October 2019

AKG Thermal Systems has developed a new hydraulic cooling system designed to provide cooling and conditioning for hydraulics used in truck-mounted systems or towed ag equipment. The Hydraulic Conditioning Unit (HCU35) is an 11.5 in. x 20 in. x 22 in., 105 lb. stainless steel module that can be mounted on frame rails and can condition and cool hydraulic oil in a variety of applications such as food and chemical transport, crude oil transport, combo drives, towed agricultural machinery and bulk feed trucks.

The HCU35 uses either 12 V dc brushed or brushless fans or a hydraulically driven fan motor to cool the hydraulic fluid. The unit holds 3.9 gal. of hydraulic oil and can provide rapid deaeration of up to 38 gpm, helping prevent cavitation and leading to increased efficiency and life expectancy of the hydraulic system.

The unit is engineered to meet MIL 810G – PSD standards without isolation, making it able to withstand high-vibration applications, the company said.

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