Himoinsa’s Stage 5 Gen-Sets

04 April 2019

Himoinsa’s Stage 5 Gen-Sets

Covering a power range from 9 to 550 KVA, Himoinsa has introduced designed generator sets with Yanmar, FPT and Scania engines that include a new aftertreatment system to guarantee an emissions reduction that is in compliance with EU Regulation 2016/1628 for non-road mobile machinery (NRMM).

See Himoinsa at Bauma at Hall A6 | stand 308

the S5 range are compact generator sets that integrate all emission reduction systems and AdBlue’s tank within the canopy. The new range incorporates a heavy-duty chassis whose pull skid has been reinforced and also includes protections at the accesses for forklift. The drip tray is designed to withstand 100% of the engine liquids.

New doors have been designed whose upper face is angled at 20 degrees. This prevents water filtration and oxidation points caused by an accumulation of stagnant water. The canopies of the S5 generator sets retain the rest of the components that have been added to the other ranges to withstand heavy rains and snowfall.

Himoinsa has incorporated a new layer in the process it follows to paint and protect metal parts. This involves a zinc-rich primer prior to the final finish that gives the canopy more than 1,500 hours of resistance to salt spray testing in accordance with ISO 12944, which classifies the protection used by Himoinsa as C5 High. As they are made in stainless steel, all the door locks and hinges of this new range are more resistant.

In order to reduce noise emissions, S5 generator sets incorporate a special rock wool insulation whose thickness in certain areas has been increased from 50 mm to 100 mm. Components of different densities and characteristics are used at the air inlets to reduce noise in a broad spectrum of frequencies. The location and layout of the air inlets have also been optimized to mitigate noise.

In parallel, Himoinsa has made the fuel tanks of their S5 generator sets the same size as the AdBlue tank to match their fuel and urea running time, thereby reducing running tasks and costs. The HRFW 200 S5 model that is being presented at Bauma, incorporates a fuel tank with a capacity of 600L with a running time of 14 hours. The consumption of urea in an S5 genset is roughly 10% of the fuel consumption.

To facilitate access for maintenance purposes, the S5 Range incorporates:

  • A hinged door that provides access to the after-treatment system for maintenance, and to the radiator for cleaning. This new door is also used to fill the AdBlue tank.
  • Wider doors to ensure better access to all the engine and alternator components for correct maintenance and for the replacement of consumables.
  • Maintenance intervals of 500 hours, which in certain models can be increased to 1000 hours thanks to accessories. In other models, 800-hour intervals will be offered as standard without the need for additional components.
  • Drain valves to make it easier to clean the radiator. S5 generator sets with FPT and Scania engines include low coolant level sensors that provide an additional point of control to prevent overheating before it occurs, thereby lengthening the life of the engine.
  • Internal fuel filling tank to prevent theft and accidental spillage of fuel during loading.
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