Himoinsa produces 100,000 gen sets with Yanmar engines

By Julian Buckley29 June 2023

Himoinsa employees celebrate production milestone Himoinsa employees celebrate gen set production milestone

Spanish power company Himoinsa has celebrated the manufacturing milestone of 100,000 generator sets produced featuring Yanmar engines.

The partnership between the two companies dates back to 2006. In 2015, Himoinsa became part of the Yanmar Group’s Energy System business unit. Since then, the Spanish and Japanese companies have continued to collaborate on new product development.

“I’d like to congratulate all Himoinsa employees for reaching the manufacture of the 100,000 generator sets with a Yanmar engine,” said Takehito Yamaoka, CEO of Yanmar Holdings. “Thanks to their efforts, we have propelled Yanmar to a solid position in the power generation sector and I am sure that this figure will grow significantly every year.”

The 100,000th engine from Yanmar The 100,000th engine from Yanmar

Yanmar engines used in Himoinsa Mobile Power gen sets have T4F and Stage 5 certification from the California Air Resources Board and US EPA. The 19 to 37 kW engines have also received certification from the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment under the Ordinance for Air Pollution Control, said to be the most strict diesel engine standards in the world.

The gen sets produced by Himoinsa with Yanmar engines all feature in the TNV series, including the Industrial range (HI), Stationary (HS) and Telecom (HT) ranges.

Himoinsa specialises in production of gen sets with output of up to 45 kVA. They currently produce approximately 60 units per day on a dedicated production line.

The company also assembles a series of lighting towers which feature Yanmar engines.

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