Hengst shows filtration technology developments

By Becky Schultz08 November 2022

Hengst Blue.iox ion exchanger The Blue.iox ion exchanger keeps the electrical conductivity of the coolant to a minimum and thus rules out any short-circuit effects. (Photo: Hengst)

At Bauma 2022 in Munich, filtration specialist Hengst exhibited a portfolio of fluid management and filtration technologies, including demonstrations of various developments for fuel cell-based systems.

According to the company, one of the challenges for safe, efficient operation of fuel cell-based systems is the solubility of ionic components in the coolant circuit, which can result in increased electrical short-circuit effects and power losses. Hengst has developed an ion exchanger that it said can ensure safe operation of the coolant with minimal electrical conductivity.

The company has also produced a cathode filter designed to protect core components of the fuel cell from gases and particles by separating sulfuric gases and ammonia that can damage the catalyst and fuel cell membrane. In addition, a new type of separator module for anode gas recirculation combines the functions of water-drop separation and gas discharge to prevent fluid retention that can affect long-term operation of the fuel cell.

The sustainable Blue.on filtration concept consists of a plastic cover, the filter element and valve adapter, with only the filter element requiring replacement. (Photo: Hengst)

For conventional combustion engines, Hengst highlighted the intelligent Blue.maxx fuel filter system for effective water separation in on-highway and off-highway engines, as well as the Blue.on sustainable filtration concept for in-field oil separation in heavy-duty applications. The Blue.on filtration concept consists of a plastic cover, the filter element and valve adapter, with only the filter element requiring replacement during the engine’s lifetime. The result is an easily replaceable, lightweight and sustainable alternative to spin-on filters.

Other products featured included an expanded product portfolio of filters and filter elements for extreme industrial and mobile hydraulic applications; the Pure Power hydraulic filter elements designed to remove up to 50% more particles; and a full range of aftermarket filtration solutions.

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