German equipment manufacturer drops out of Bauma

By Mike Brezonick25 April 2022

Excavator and loading crane manufacturer Atlas GmbH, Ganderkesee, Germany, said it “will abstain from participating” in several major events this year, specifically citing Bauma, IAA and Innotrans.

Brahim Stitou, CEO of Atlas GmbH Brahim Stitou, CEO of Atlas GmbH, said his company will skip several major events this year, including Bauma. (Photo: Atlas)

The company said in a statement “The prolonged COVID-19 situation as well as the war in the Ukraine have spawn noticeable difficulties for suppliers and seen an increase in prices. It is expected that this challenging situation will continue into the near future.

“To alleviate costs for Atlas customers as much as possible, the management took this decision after carefully considering all arguments. It is an important and right step towards minimizing costs for the benefit of the customers.”

Atlas said it will be organizing event weeks for its customers and the interested public. Starting in June, the event weeks will take place at the Atlas demo center in Ganderkesee. A calendar of events will be published shortly, the company said.

“We hope and wish for all of us, that the current situation will soon be peaceful, normal and more predictable,” said Brahim Stitou, CEO of Atlas GmbH. “Under those circumstances we are happy to participate at the next IAA, Innotrans and Bauma.“

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