FPT Industrial Supplies F1 Engine Family To Iveco Commercial Vehicle

By David Lubach05 October 2017

The new Iveco Blue Power Daily light commercial vehicle will be powered by engines from FPT Industrial’s F1 engine family: the F1A Diesel SCR Real-Driving Emissions (RDE) Ready, and the F1C Natural Gas.

The F1A Diesel is a four-cylinder inline engine with a displacement of 2.3 L (88 mm bore, 94 mm stroke). It is equipped with wastegate or variable geometry turbocharger and aftercooler. The unit utilizes FPT Industrial’s SCR technology, which has been adopted in more than 210 000 light commercial vehicles over the past 25 years. Overall, this system has been applied to more than 700 000 total SCR units on different vehicles, both on- and off-road.

The engine has an output power from 85 to 114 kW at 3600 r/min, and 320 to 380 Nm torque at 1500 r/min. The engine combines the regular diesel performance with the lowest emission rate in its category, resulting in the only diesel engine compliant with RDE limits that will be mandateory in September 2020, FPT Industrial said. Besides SCR, the aftertreatment system is composed by high-pressure EGR and a closed-coupled diesel particulate filter.

In the past year, this engine has been fully re-engineered by reducing friction, optimizing the cooling system, adopting a variable displacement oil pump, thus reducing fuel consumption.

The F1C NG engine is a four-cylinder inline with 3-L displacement (96 mm bore, 104 mm stroke) and delivers 100 kW at 3500 r/min with 350 Nm of maximum torque at 1500 r/min. The unit is equipped with wastegate turbocharger with aftercooler and multipoint fuel injection.

This engine can also be fueled with bio-methane that can lead to a near zero CO2 emission. Nevertheless, FPT Industrial said this engine ensures the same robustness and reliability as a diesel, while providing cost savings up to 35%. According to FPT Industrial if compared to similar products of competitors, the F1C NG provides higher torque, better transient response, lower noise and vibration, and is more reliable and durable than its 2 L competitor.

FPT Industrial has sold more than 30 000 natural-gas-fueled engines in the last 20 years. Since 1995, FPT Industrial has adopted an in-house developed stoichiometric technology that ensures the correct air to gas ratio in all working conditions.

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