FPT engines ready for China GB6 directive

21 April 2021

Cursor 9, Cursor 11, and Cursor 13 engines by FPT Industrial meet the GB6 emission standards that will be in force in China starting from July 1, 2021

FPT Industrial introduced Cursor engines ready for China GB6 directive, that will be in force in China starting from July 1, 2021.

Moving from GB3 to GB6 standards, FPT Industrial moves from SCR aftertreatment to the company’s proprietary High-efficiency SCR Aftertreatment System (HI-eSCR) that achieves a nitrogen oxide conversion efficiency of more than 95% without requiring exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).

FPT Industrial added that, compared to EGR-based systems, the HI-eSCR system can reduce fuel consumption by up to 3%. Thanks to the diesel particulate filter (DPF) passive regeneration, the DPF maintenance intervals are longer, as are the oil change intervals (up to 100 000 km).

FPT Industrial's Cursor 11 engine The Cursor 11 engine by FPT Industrial is one of three engines ready for China 6 emissions regulation.

The new Cursor GB6 series is composed of three six-cylinder inline engines: the Cursor 9 with 8.7-L displacement and 390 hp (287 kW) at 2 100 r/min; the Cursor 11 with 11.12-L displacement and 460 hp (338 kW) output power at 1 900 r/min; and the Cursor 13 with 12.88-L displacement and up to 560 hp (412 kW) at 1900 r/min.

These engines feature Ti-V material (Titanium – Vanadium) aftertreatment technology that avoids forced parking regeneration, fuel injection and forced parking regeneration button on the truck console. According to FPT Industrial, this allows for increased uptime, reduced fuel consumption, and simpler uninterrupted operation; a great progress compared to other products requiring a 40- to 90-minutes parking regeneration every 8 000 km.

The Ti-V aftertreatment system also has a high sulfur resistance and higher adaptability to low-quality fuels. The service intervals for the diesel particulate filter have been increased to 450 000 km.

The eVGT (Electronically-controlled Variable Geometry Turbocharger) is used in the Cursor 13 unit, that is considered by FPT Industrial as its best solution for long-distance and heavy-duty trucks over 16 tons of Gross Vehicle Weight. The eVGT allows the development of maximum torque up to 2 500 Nm already at 950 r/min so the vehicle can instantly leverage the full power when starting and accelerating, which doubles the acceleration response of ordinary superchargers.

The eVGT can also improve the Cursor engine’s in-cylinder braking effect by more than 60% reducing brake pads wear and driver fatigue.

“As FPT Industrial, we are sure that Chinese end users can take advantages from GB6 many benefits and become the right hand for their business. Among the key features we leverage on, we are proud of no stop in uptime, high efficiency and low fuel consumption, while maintaining its high adaptability to multiple scenarios”, said Marco Rossotto, FPT Industrial’s Product Engineering AMEA Countries.

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