First Gas Engines From Baudouin

18 March 2020

France’s marine and power generation diesel engine maker Moteurs Baudouin is set to release its first engine range powered by natural gas. Alongside the company’s diesel engine range, they will increase the power generation options for Baudouin’s clients, the Cassis-headquartered company said.

The new PowerKit Gas series is available across a range of engine models. All are electronically controlled and Combined Heat and Power ready, with power outputs available between 63-1750 kVA at 50Hz and 63-1400 kVA at 60Hz.

The average efficiency of the gas engines is up to 38% for the low kVA range and between 40-45% for the HHP 16M33 and 12M55 engines (pictured).

The company, which celebrated its centenary in 2018, said the engines can re-use gas created by industrial or agricultural processes. Other features include ratings suitable for a range of applications, with highly-competitive transient performance and block load acceptance, the company said.

All the new natural gas engines have been designed for robust performance, even when drawing from fuel sources of variable quality, the company added. Onshore oil and gas, co-generation projects (industrial greenhouses and waste treatment plants) and bottling plants, are some of the applications suited to the gas range.

As fuel storage is not always required onsite, they are also suitable for applications such as supermarkets and industrial plants that can connect directly to a mains gas supply.

Also launched is the company’s new 4M06 diesel engine, developed specifically for telecom applications. This 2.4 L, four-cylinder engine delivers 18-35 kVA ESP at 50Hz, along with low fuel consumption and easy maintenance, said Baudouin. With a larger oil sump and extra filtration, it is designed specifically for telecom customers. It has two years / unlimited hours warranty for prime power applications, and four years / 800 hours for emergency standby power.

The V8 8M21 diesel engine is also being launched, offering 450-660 kVA 50Hz, followed by a 50/60Hz switchable model later in 2020. Optimized for data center applications, the 20M33 engine will also be released to market early next year delivering 2000-2500 kVA. Release dates for the engines will be by the end of this year.

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