Epec launches virtual simulator to test machine application

By Riley Simpson12 April 2023

Epec is releasing the MultiTool Simulator, a virtual testing environment for the company’s systems. Photo by Epec.

Epec Oy, which develops electronic systems for equipment and commercial vehicles, is launching the Epec MultiTool Simulator (MTS), a virtual testing environment for Epec control systems.

This software system allows users to test machine application development in a virtual simulation environment, and Epec said these tests can be automated, run without a physical test set-up and permit multiple developers to use the same simulated system.

Commercial vehicle manufacturers can speed up the control system software design significantly with the virtual versions of the actual control system hardware products in the MTS.

“MultiTool Simulator is an important part of modern machine application [software] development process,” said Kari Ahvenlampi, Epec product manager. “With MTS and the virtual copies of Epec control units, our customers can start machine application development and testing before they have the actual control unit in their hands.”

Ahvenlampi said MTS is a software-in-the-loop environment and has Python API for test-case generation.

The product manager also said the new system has seamless integration with other Epec software development tools, which offers efficient project execution and great user experience.

Epec is renewing its other products to bring them under the MultiTool brand to improve their consistency and user experience. The renamed software products are:

  • Epec MultiTool Creator for configuring the control systems (formerly called “Epec MultiTool”)
  • Epec MultiTool Diagnoser for diagnosing and monitoring the CAN communication between control units (formerly “Epec CANmoon”)
  • Epec MultiTool Creator Installer, an installer package containing MultiTool Creator, Epec PLCopen libraries and needed targets for all Epec control units (formerly “Epec SDK”)
  • Epec MultiTool Simulator for simulated testing
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