Engine Upgrades From Volvo Penta

19 November 2020

Volvo Penta has unveiled an upgraded version of its D16 engine which it said is suitable for a range of heavy-duty operations and available as a propulsion engine, complete marine genset and auxiliary.

The company said the move is part of its move to increase the power of its base products.

Volvo Penta has also enhanced its D8 and D13 engine packages to meet new emissions legislation introduced for inland waterway vessels in the European Union.

The upgraded D16 engine, pictured, now comes in three package options – D16 MH Inboard, D16 MG Marine Genset, and the D16 MH/MG IMO III. The D16 MH variable speed engine is available for both propulsion and auxiliary use. The D16 MG constant speed engine is available as both a complete marine genset and as an engine to use in a range of auxiliary equipment. These options give customers more flexibility and greater support in a wide range of applications, according to the company.

Although there have already been updates to the D16 engine the company said the most notable is the use of twin turbochargers with a wastegate. Separate exhaust manifolds enable pulse charging resulting in high torque at low rpm, said Volvo Penta.

Another upgrade is the electronically controlled unit injector whose features – in combination with the advanced engine calibration – enables high efficiency (low fuel consumption) and low noise levels, the company said. Volvo Penta has used steel pistons, proven in other applications, and optimized them together with the injector, to further enhance efficient combustion and durability, the company added.

The base engine is fresh water cooled including the exhaust manifold, turbocharger, oil cooler and charge air cooler. Volvo Penta said the new heat exchanger with higher capacity ensures the cooling performance needed to manage the higher power output.

The D16 MH Inboard is a six-cylinder in-line with a swept volume of 16.1 liters. This package has increased power (441 to 625 kW and 600 to 850 mhp) for continuous duty and heavy-duty applications. The high torque at low rpm leads to good manoeuvrability and rapid acceleration, aid Volvo Penta. While Volvo Penta does not offer a propeller, the design enables a wider propeller selection range. The additional power and robustness are also suited to auxiliary engine duties.

The complete engine package also available in several different emission limit options: IMO II, IMO III, US EPA Tier 3, and China 2.

The D16 MG for auxiliary and marine and auxiliary genset is also compliant with emissions standards – IMO II, IMO III, US EPA Tier 3, and China 2.

With the same specifications – six-cylinder in-line with a swept volume of 16.1 liters – this solution delivers 532 kWm at 1500 rpm and 585 kWm at 1800 rpm. The engines have another 10% power to meet the class demands of 500 kWe and 550 kWe nodes.

Volvo Penta has also introduced eight and 13 liter engine packages that meet the requirements of the new EU Stage 5 marine for inland waterways legislation. The company will supply both D8 and D13 engine ranges that comply with the standards by leveraging its IMO Tier III technology, which uses a Selective Catalytic Reduction after-treatment system.

Volvo Penta’s D8 MH 154-296 kW, D8 MG 239 and 275 kW, D13 MH 294 kW and D13 MG 296 kW will all be certified for EU Stage 5 marine for Inland Waterway. The D13 will be supplied from early 2021, while the D8 upgrade will follow in mid-2021. All versions could be delivered with the major classification societies certificates.


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