Engine Temperature Measuring, Monitoring Controllers

By Chad Elmore27 October 2020

Axiomatic Technologies Corp. has released new engine temperature measuring and monitoring controllers which interface with thermocouples, PT100 or PT1000 RTDs (resistance temperature detectors). Applications include power gen-set engine control systems, oil and gas equipment automation, marine engine applications and off-highway machine automation.

The AX186000 6 Channel Thermocouple Module reads six type thermocouples and communicates the temperature information over a SAE J1939 or CANopen bus. Type J, K, B, E, N, R, S or T thermocouples are accepted, said the company, and CANbus ports are isolated from all inputs as well as the power supply.

Axiomatic SAE J1939 controls are configured via the Electronic Assistant programming tool. To suit different applications, its thermocouple modules are available with 1, 2, 4, 6 or 20 thermocouple inputs.

Axiomatic has also released PT100 and PT1000 RTD Modules to interface with engine RTDs. To suit different applications, the modules are available with 8, 12 or 20 RTD inputs.

The company said its controls are compliant for harsh electrical and outdoor environments with protection against surges, load dump, power transients as well as exposure to dust, water, humidity, and vibration.

The 20 Channel TC Module has a hazardous location rating from CSA and is compliant to the ATEX directive.

Both thermocouple and RTD modules are recognized as cURus, meeting Canadian and U.S. safety standards. CE marking is another feature of the company’s controls. Additionally, the 20 Channel TC and 8 Channel RTD modules have marine type approvals for marine engine applications, said the company.

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