Elevāt unveils new geolocation system for equipment

By Mike Brezonick04 January 2022

Elevāt, a global IoT connected machines service provider, has announced the release of Elevāt E-Track, an advanced asset tracker for powered and non-powered equipment.

Elevāt E-Track

“Elevāt E-Track keeps track of your assets’ key geolocation, geo-tracking, and geofencing so fleet managers can focus on getting more projects delivered faster and safer,” says Adam Livesay, chief revenue officer, Elevāt. “E-Track can be seamlessly integrated with Elevāt’s Machine Connect and Elevāt EZ for a complete asset telematics monitoring and tracking solution. While an organization may not require much data for basic assets, more complex machines require detailed tracking and reporting.

“Combining E-Track for basic assets while using Machine Connect for your complex assets, allows you to get a big picture view of all your powered and non-powered assets in one place with lower overall operating expenses,” says Livesay.

Elevāt E-Track is designed to provide quick access to geolocation, geo-tracking, and geofencing data to reduce operational costs. The company said it provides a cost-effective solution for less-complex assets starting at $9 per month. The plug-and-play system is easy to install and begins transmitting immediately. The system can be coupled with Elevāt’s EZ and Machine Connect for a full fleet solution to support everything from high end machines to simple assets, the company said.

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