Eaton Expands Xcel Series LSHT Motor Line

By Mike Brezonick02 June 2020

Eaton has added two new options to its Xcel Series portfolio of low-speed, high-torque hydraulic motors, used in applications such as salt and sand spreaders, street cleaners, combine harvester reel drives, augers and auger swing drives.

The new XL4 motors are available in available in six displacements between 160 and 495 cc/rev and offer output torques of 10,470 in. lb. (1185 Nm) at flows up to 40 gpm at speeds up to 868 rpm. The XL6 motors are offered in eight displacements from 195 to 985 cc/rev, with output torques as high as 16,800 (1898 Nm) at speeds of 866 rpm. Flows range from 40 gpm (XL4) to 60 gpm (XL6) at intermittent pressures up to 4500 psi.

Incorporating Eaton’s Geroler design, the Xcel motors utilize an internal three-zone architecture for high, low and case pressure dampens pressure spikes in both directions, which helps delivers lower operating temperatures, extended shaft seal life and improved overall reliability, Eaton said.

Eaton's XL4 hydraulic motor
Eaton’s XL4 motor.

“Competitive motors are often designed with two zones and no case drain,” said Mandee Liberty, product manager, Geroler Motors, Hydraulics Group, Eaton. “This makes them vulnerable to motor damage and premature failure. The three-zone architecture of Eaton’s Xcel motors dampens pressure spikes in both directions, extends shaft seal life and enhances overall reliability.”

The Xcel motors also include a tapered bearing set designed to support high side loads, along with a rear disc valve to help maintain high efficiency at high pressures and high torque conditions. The motors also offer the most frequently used options for shafts, ports, mounts and displacements to simplify and shorten the design process, Eaton said.

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