Easier DEF Draining

By Mike Osenga23 August 2017

For several years, Global Sales Group Co. has made it possible for manufacturers, fleet managers and do-it-yourselfers to replace the standard engine oil drain plug with a lever-operated ball valve. The brass EZ Oil Drain valve and integrated hose ends can help make routine oil changes faster and cleaner, the company said.

But recently a major equipment manufacturer called the Redmond, Wash., company, out-of-the-blue, with an order for a drain for the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tanks on the manufacturer’s machines.

“In theory, DEF never needs to be drained,” said General Manager Norio Mitsuoka.  “It does not change its purity by itself and you keep adding more DEF as you run the engine. So, why would anyone need a drain valve on DEF tanks?

“That’s what the engineers thought in their design room, too, until the service people started receiving calls from the field. Mistakes do happen, the air is dirty in a lot of construction sites and logging areas so dirt, sand, pollen, leaves, bugs, will constantly fall in the tank while refilling DEF. It accumulates inside the tank with no place to go. Then the sensors in the system will shut down the engine to protect it.

“This is happening in the real world, and end-users need to be able to drain DEF and put fresh fluid in. They have to be able to do it on the spot, and that’s why customers have been scrambling for a solution.”

The stainless steel DEF Tank Drain Solution is now in Global Sales Group’s catalog for its OEM customers. Designed to withstand harsh external elements as well as the corrosive fluid itself, the valve uses stainless steel 304 components and a Viton O-ring seal. It has a ball valve design and is available in different thread sizes. A lock nut allows the valve’s final position to be orientated during installation, while a hose can be attached to help prevent spills. Hose outlets that are straight or with a 90 degree bend allow further flexibility when draining, said the company.

Mitsuoka said much of his early sales for the DEF Tank Drain Solution seemed to occur by word-of-mouth, as competitive engineers talked about a real-world problem few seem to have anticipated.

For more information: www.EZoildrain.com 

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