Deutz Opens New Logistics Operation

By Mike Osenga30 June 2020

Deutz Corp. has opened a new 160,000 sq. ft. operation in Pendergrass, Ga. The new Deutz Sequence Center is located near the company’s Xchange remanufactured engine production facility, also in Pendergrass, and is designed to support the reman production facility as well assembling a variety of engine packages.

“By centralizing all logistics activities at the new Sequence Center site, we can now increase our output by utilizing additional floor space for more remanufacturing and assembly work,” said Bob Mann, president and CEO of Deutz Corp.

The Deutz Corp. Sequence Center stores all of the parts and engines for Deutz value-add products and Xchange

The new Deutz Sequence Center will also build and ship value-added kits and customized Deutz Power Packs to distributors, dealers, and OEMs.

remanufactured engines in one central location. The Sequence Center batches together all the parts needed by engine specification and sends them over to the Xchange production facility.

The Sequence Center also has its own production capabilities, building and shipping value-add kits and customized Deutz Power Packs to distributors, dealers, and OEMs.

“With the new Sequence Center, Deutz is concentrating all operations activities in the Pendergrass area,” said Christian Vorspel-Rueter, executive vice president and chief financial officer for Deutz.

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