Deutz launches push for sustainability at Deutz Days 21 event

By Julian Buckley18 November 2021

Dr Frank Hiller (centre) and Michael Wellenzohn, head of Sales (right), at the Deutz Days 21 event

Deutz has held its Deutz Days 21 event at the Coreum, a site in Stockstadt am Rhein, Germany (near Frankfurt), dedicated to research and training for power technologies used in the off-road machine and commercial engine markets.

Together with the announcement covering the creation of a “Green” business division, the event effectively launches Deutz’s push to deliver sustainable power as the diesel engine manufacturer looks to add such technologies as hydrogen internal combustion engines, battery-electric drives and hydrogen fuel cells to its product portfolio.

Speaking with Diesel Progress International, Dr. Frank Hiller, Deutz CEO, explained why the company had arranged the event.

“It’s all about sustainability. We started this journey in 2017 with electrification, as we were sure that something would come up besides combustion engines. Now, we have to be even more dynamic.”

He continued: “If you look back at the car industry, at one point there was just the BMW i3 and Tesla Model S. Now everyone is making electric vehicles. I think a similar thing will happen with our industry. It’s a little later, but regulatory pressure will make [new technologies] a requirement.”

While Deutz is actively researching new routes to power delivery, the company will continue producing diesel engines, as Dr. Markus Müller, chief technology officer at Deutz, explained: “Diesel engines are not bad, it’s the fuel. That’s why we’re researching with our partners ways to produce 100% biofuels, even using CO2 as a base.”

In October this year, Deutz announced that it was to take a 10% stake in Blue World Technologies, a Danish manufacturer of fuel cell stacks, reformers and related systems. The technology will feature a cross a range of future products, including gen-sets and on-highway transport.

Deutz has also unveiled a hydrogen internal combustion engine which, together with a variety of new power solutions, was on display at the Deutz Days event. The company has said that it expects first customer deliveries of this new engine to start in 2024.

Speaking with DPI, Müller noted that Deutz has been actively investigating routes to addressing such issues as hydrogen embrittlement, where the fuel reacts with engine components and deteriorates the material.

DPI will publish full interviews with Dr. Frank Hiller and Dr. Markus Müller in the near future.

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