Deere 9.0L Diesel Earns EPA Tier 3 Certification

By pdamon14 November 2016

John Deere Power Systems said its PowerTech Plus 9.0L engine has been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as Tier 3 compliant. The 9.0L engine is the third in the John Deere line to receive Tier 3 certification, joining the PowerTech Plus 4.5L and 6.8L engines.

Compared to the Tier 2 versions, the PowerTech Plus Tier 3 engines, Deere said, feature maintained or improved performance characteristics: peak power, peak torque levels, low-speed torque, transient response, and cold weather starting. Deere began shipping the PowerTech Plus 9.0L engine to equipment manufacturers in June 2005, six months before the regulations for the 175 hp – 750 hp power range go into effect. The PowerTech Plus 6.8L engines began shipping in March 2005, and the 4.5L engines will be available in January 2006, a full year ahead of the regulations for the 100 hp – 175 hp power range.

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