Danfoss Power Solutions introduces Plus+1 system

By Julian Buckley25 October 2022

Following on from the $3.3 billion acquisition of Eaton’s hydraulic business in August 2021, Danfoss Power Solutions has outlined how it plans to move forward with new products and application ranges incorporating the company’s technology.

A cornerstone of these new additions will be Plus+1, a software solution intended to support improved machine autonomy. The system will deliver improved machine driver support, including automated function and driving, with the goal of delivering improved end-user safety, productivity and ultimately, better precision in machine operation.

Speaking with Diesel Progress International at the Bauma 2022 trade fair in Munich, Germany, Steen Rohleder, senior vice president of sales (OEM) for the EMEA region, said that the Plus+1 system will also deliver improved hydraulic efficiency, using “blended power” delivered from both electric and diesel sources.

An example of this is the new DDP (Digital Displacement Pump). Instead of a pure hydraulic solution, this combines hydraulic and electric power to minimise parasitic energy loss. Stefan Eichler, senior sales development manager for Danfoss’ Editron division, told DPI: “The DDP pump can offer full power on demand due to its valve setup. While the hardware is largely the same, the differentiation is in the [Plus+1] software.”

The Plus+1 Connect telematics system uses an array of sensors to deliver and process data that supports actionable insights to help support reduced machine downtime and improve overall efficiency.

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