Cummins Updates Truck Engines For 2021

20 November 2020

Cummins has launched its Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2021 emissions compliant X12 and X15 series engines. The heavy-duty diesels from Cummins are built upon the proven architecture of their EPA 2017 versions and are designed for customers running Class 8 trucks in the North American on-highway market.

“Cummins’ 2021 heavy-duty products were designed with three core deliverables in mind: increased uptime, better overall total cost of ownership, and improved drivability,” says Brett Merritt, Vice President of the Cummins On-highway Engine Business. “By delivering on these focus areas, Cummins products will offer better performance for the customer’s bottom line.”

The X15 is offered in three series – Efficiency, Productivity and Performance. The Efficiency series engines are rated 400 to 500 hp with maximum torque ratings of 1450 to 1850 lb. ft. The Productivity series has 430 to 605 hp ratings, with torques of 1650 to 2050 lb. ft., while the Performance series is available in ratings from 525 to 565 hp, with torques of 1850 to 2050 lb. ft.

All of the engines are inline six-cylinder configurations with a clutch engagement torque of 1000 lb. ft. and a dry weight of 2961 lb. Each is also equipped with the Single Module Aftertreatment system developed by Cummins Emission Solutions.

Cummins said the engines offer an oil drain interval (ODI) of 75,000 miles for operators achieving 7 or more miles per gallon with the X12 and X15 Efficiency engines. In 2021, Cummins said customers averaging between 5 and 7 mpg will see their ODI with the EPA 2021 X15 Performance series engine extended by 10,000 miles. And to further increase uptime for customers, Cummins has matched the service schedule for both the fuel filter and oil changes on both the X12 and X15 series products, so customers won’t have to plan maintenance separately.

For better overall total cost of ownership (TCO), Cummins made the 2021 powertrains more fuel efficient. In 2020, Cummins launched an EPA 2021-compliant product with the Efficiency Series, which has demonstrated up to 3.5% better fuel economy compared to the 2019 product. In 2021, X15 Efficiency series customers with EX ratings (which require the Endurant HD transmission from Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies and GPS look-ahead data) stand to gain an additional 1.5% in fuel economy.

Those requiring more than 500 hp and go with an X15 Performance series can get up to 2% improved fuel economy compared to the EPA 2017 version, Cummins said. Customers of the X12 will also see improvements, with an up to 2.5% potential gain in base engine and a possible 1.5% further improvement with EX ratings, which Cummins said will be newly available to the X12 in 2021.

The 2021 X15 Performance Series will newly offer select powertrain features that Cummins said were previously unavailable above 500 hp. Features like SmartCoast, Predictive Cruise Control and Predictive Road Speed Governor will be available for customers with Automated Manual powertrains in 2021.


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