Cummins Debut On Its Birthday

By Ian Cameron06 April 2019

As it celebrates its 100th anniversary,Cummins is debuting the QSK60 Stage 5 engine – part of its 560-2611 kW mining line up. The QSK60 is available from 1398-2125 kW for excavator and dump truck use with a proven durability of close to 4.2 million litres (1.1 million US gallons to overhaul).

A redesigned power cylinder, optimised wastegate turbocharging and improved crankcase keep particulate matter below the Stage 5 levels.  Cummins modular SCR system is used to reduce NOx to the required level and features an integrated decomposition chamber and Cummins’ airless dosing system designed to last the life of the engine. The use of SCR reduces engine backpressure, for increased fuel economy and optimised temperature management minimises Adblue/DEF consumption.

Also featured is the Stage 5 F3.8 power unit. Delivered as a complete and ready-made power package, it comprises an engine, Single Module aftertreatment, radiator and cooling system – as well as auxiliaries such as mounting feet, hoses and an air cleaner.  The unit is more than 70% pre-approved for installation, reducing customers’ time and resources for integration.

Also on show is the B6.7 offering 30% higher torque than Stage 4 with 243 kW of power and also a 3.5-ton, Hyundai electric prototype mini excavator powered by eight Cummins BM4.4E flexible battery modules (4.4 kWh each) and the machine can support a full work shift and charge in under three hours.

Photo: A QSK60 Stage 5 engine

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