Chevron final drive lube for mining equipment

By Chad Elmore10 August 2022

Chevron Lubricants has introduced Delo TorqForce Syn FD-1, a fully synthetic lubricant designed for use in final drives and axles of large mine haul trucks and other equipment. The company said the product was designed to increase performance over conventional SAE 60 TO-4 and FD-1 products and as was formulated to deliver maximum system protection, including:

mining oil
  • Expanded temperature range for year-round, all-weather performance
  • Excellent cold weather pumpability in sub-zero/arctic operations
  • Excellent extreme high temperature and severe service performance
  • Maximizes equipment life in severe service
  • Advanced additive system minimizes wear in heavily loaded gears and bearings
  • Keeps metal parts free of varnish and sludge
  • Improved protection against wear, rust and corrosion
  • Oxidation resistance at high temperatures for longer oil life
  • Excellent filterability under the ISOClean Certified Lubricants program
  • Stability during storage periods

“We’re excited to introduce Delo TorqForce Syn FD-1 designed to maximize productivity and reliability of large mining haul trucks and support equipment,” said Jason Gerig, Chevron Lubricants Commercial Sector manager. “Chevron strives to provide lubricants with proven performance through rigorous testing for the mining industry. Results for Delo TorqForce Syn FD-1 showed excellent gear wear protection and very strong oxidation control with minimal varnish to extend service intervals from the standard 4000 hours to 6000 hours and well beyond.”

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