Cat G3412 Natural Gas Gen-Set

By Mike Osenga17 September 2020

Caterpillar Inc. has introduced the Cat G3412 natural gas-fueled generator set with U.S. EPA Stationary Emergency Certification rated at 500 kW for 60 Hz markets.

The G3412 is engineered to meet a suite of critical market requirements, including quick starting and loading capability, meeting NFPA 110 Level 1 Type 10 standards as well as being UL 2200 listed.

Power is the Cat G3412 naturally aspirated natural gas engine. The engine has insulated and shielded dry exhaust manifolds, while the fuel system includes an engine-installed electronic control valve, gas pressure regulator and 24V DC energized-to-run (ETR) gas shutoff valve.

The system is governed by Cat’s ADEM A4 controller that includes electronic ignition system (controlled by the ADEM A4) and individual cylinder detonation sensitive timing.

Fuel specs include pipeline natural gas: 800-1000 BTU/scf and 70-100 Methane Number and the gas train is NFPA37 and CSA B149.3 compliant.

The generator is Caterpillar’s Digital Voltage Regulator (CDVR) that features reactive droop capability, 3-phase voltage sensing, KVAR/PF modes, RFI suppression, and a min/max exciter. Also featured are an anti-condensation space heater, permanent magnet excitation and winding temperature detectors.

The Cat G3412 is available with an optional factory-built enclosure for integration of emergency power. The skin-tight and canopy enclosure options are designed to make the G3412 suitable for mission-critical standby applications such as smaller colocation or edge data centers, as well as healthcare, office buildings, retail complexes and government facilities.

The set also includes a package mounted radiator or LH or RG connections when a radiator is not selected. Further, there engine driven pumps for jacket water and a separate circuit aftercooler, as well as jacket water and SCAC thermostats.

Featuring Caterpillar’s EMCP 4.4 generator set controller, the Cat G3412 is designed to integrate with building management systems. The expanded set of features includes additional paralleling options, gas train, package-mounted radiator, and simplified wiring connections.

“With vast improvements in the ability of gas engines to meet code-driven start time and load acceptance standards, the market for natural gas standby power generation is taking a significant step forward,” said Brian George, product manager in Caterpillar’s Electric Power Division. “There are applications where gas generators have advantages over diesel. In fact, there are applications where emission rules and fuel security concerns make gas engines the best choice.”

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