Audible And Visual Warning Indicators

By Mike Brezonick01 August 2017

Transducers USA, a supplier of audible signal devices for vehicular and other applications, has launched a new line of warning indicators.  The panel-mounted Tonelight annunciators combine audible and LED warning signals, which the company said can provide greater safety in operating conditions with high levels of ambient noise or where excess noise is undesirable or hard to detect.

 The Tonelight units provide distinct audio warnings higher than 80 dB(A) and repetitive audio alerts and flashing LED lights can operate simultaneously or separately in sequence.  In addition, the system allows the audible alert signal to be delayed, enabling operators to respond to visual alerts before the audible beeping begins.

Typical applications for Tonelight include alarms for low voltage, low pressure, tank levels, high temperature or liquid detection. The company said they are targeted at a range of applications, including off-road machinery and on-highway vehicles and industrial machinery.

Tonelight units are available with either plastic or IP50 rated stainless steel housings and lens color options include red, green, yellow, orange, blue and white. With a standard 22 mm panel mount design, the systems are available in 6, 12, 24, 48 and 110 V versions, ac or dc. A model incorporating a light and siren annunciator combination is also available with a standard red lens and a siren that operates at more than 110dB(A), the company said.

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