A Look At Key Energy Show

By Roberta Prandi10 November 2020

Another show forced to move to an online edition in 2020, Key Energy will take place until November 15 on a digital platform. Media partner Diesel Progress International had a look at the companies exhibiting and the products on display. Here are some interesting topics we found:

Officine Galvani exhibits its new Genesys 20M compact microgeneration unit that produces 20 kW electric power and 51 kW thermal power using a Toyota natural gas engine. These units are meant for commercial and industrial applications, such as manufacturing companies in the food/beverage industry, agriculture, hotels, shopping centers, swimming pools, gyms, restaurants, among others.
The company also produces Genesys 50M, a cogeneration unit with a GM gas engine that delivers 50 kW electric power and 115 kW thermal power. Tests at a farm installation near Padua, Italy, showed an overall efficiency of 98.8%.

A specialist in small and medium-sized cogeneration plants, MTM Energia presented Bio2, a cogeneration plant using biogas from zootechnical, sewage and landfill waste. Bio2 biogas plants can be powered by different gas engines among which MAN units, depending on the characteristics of the plant. They feature a few interesting characteristics such as: automatic oil topping, automatic carburation control and adjustment, and active power management proportional to the production of biogas.

SIAD Macchine Impianti presented its reciprocating compressors for all types of gases and gas mixtures. These compressors can be used in power plants using biogas and biomethane.

Miretti Group exhibited its systems to reduce exhaust gas and toxic emissions, among which a DeNOx selective catalytic reduction for NOx reduction; oxy-metallic catalytic converters; oxidation catalysts for CO and VOC reduction; Oxy ‘CO’ special substrates for biogas; and particulate filters for off-road vehicles.

Another specialist in aftertreatment systems, DCL Europe, presented diesel particulate filters for large stationary engines. The company said, these filters work with passive regeneration, reaching over 85% reduction of particulate emissions. They are certified with CARB, EPA, and other international certification agencies.

With its brands Jenbacher and Waukesha, Innio exhibited its gas engine range, power equipment, and a digital platform and related services for power generation and gas compression. Innio’s gas engines generate from 200 to 10,000 kW of power; the company has an installed population of more than 48,000 gas engines worldwide, to whom it provides life cycle support.

Ecomax Greenhouse by Ab Energy is a cogeneration system for newbuilt greenhouses as well as existing ones. It is a flexible plant with a design by modules that can support high cogeneration outputs while maintaining power production with lower loads or during programmed maintenance. Ab Energy also offers nartual gas and biogas cogeneration plants for industrial and civil applications.

Engie Italia SpA presented its full capabilities with cogeneration projects, where the company can take care of every aspect: from preliminary analysis and studies, to direct investment, up to certifications, permits and compliance with evolving regulations and the commercial management of eventual production surplus.
At Key Energy, Engie also promoted its first gas filling station inaugurated in February 2020 in the industrial headquarters of the CNH Industrial group, in Turin, Italy. The new filling station serves in particular heavy vehicles and consists of two liquefied natural gas (LNG) and four compressed natural gas (CNG) dispensers, as well as some charging stations for electric vehicles powered by a photovoltaic system located on the roof.

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