New displays from CrossControl

By Mike Brezonick07 September 2021

CrossControl, the Swedish manufacturer of displays, controls and software for mobile equipment applications, has launched a pair of new displays incorporating its iMX8 application processor. The new CCpilot V1000 and V1200 are 10 and 12 in. displays, which join the 7 in. V700 launched at ConExpo 2020, are designed to address the challenges created by the rapid increases in software content in mobile machines, the company said.

CrossControl CCpilot displays CrossControl has launched new 10 and 12 in. CCpilot displays for mobile equipment applications.

The iMX8X application processor gives the displays more than three times the graphics processing performance compared to the many displays based on the common and older iMX6 core. This allows the new displays support advanced graphics frameworks that make it possible to deliver dynamic and intuitive instrumentation and guidance functionality as well as the performance headroom to deliver next generation productivity and safety tools, the company said. They also support new software frameworks that enable advanced operator assistance functionality like displaying multiple video streams, object recognition, 360° surround view camera, and augmented reality. With this support in the platform, such advanced functionality can be realized with limited programming effort. The platform also has inherent support for functional safety.

The CrossControl software platform, based on Linux and Qt supports a number of graphics APIs including Vulkan as well as programming languages like C, C++, Python and HTML5. With this software focus and support the new vision Line is designed to support new, and in-development, machines throughout their complete life cycle. In addition, OEMs and system suppliers are not limited to a proprietary operating system and there is no need to recode applications in any predefined language.

The Vision Line displays also provide a future ready platform for machine intelligence, CrossControl said.

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