Mercedes-Benz Truck launches third-gen OM 471 engine

By Julian Buckley07 April 2022

OM 471 engine New third-gen OM 471 engine from Mercedes-Benz Truck

Mercedes-Benz Truck is to launch the new, third-generation version of the OM 471 heavy-duty commercial vehicle engine. The engine will feature in the Mercedes-Benz Arocs range.

Manufactured at the Mannheim engine plant, the new model features a series of improvements over the out-going engine, including an optimised drivetrain feature.

It also offers a 4% reduction in fuel consumption and a new exhaust gas aftertreatment system which is compliant with Euro 6e standards.

This is achieved using new piston geometry, injection nozzle design and other changes to the engine head unit. This has allowed the six-cylinder engine compression ratio to be increased from 18:3:1 to 20:3:1, with peak ignition pressure of 250 bar.

In addition, efforts have been made to reduce engine friction. The OM 471 has a newly-developed oil pressure control valve. Installed behind the engine oil pump and in front of the oil thermostat, the valve is driven by a matrix of engine data. In combination with low-viscosity oil it improves performance without reduced oil change intervals or increased engine wear.

The engine also supports Powershift Advanced for faster gear shifts and clear reduction of torque interruption. There’s also an extended torque mode in higher gears, from 7 to 12.

The OM 471 can also be customised with the addition of turbochargers designed for better fuel economy or increased power. Maximum power output is 390 kW (530 hp).

Speaking about the new engine, Karin Rådström, CEO, Mercedes-Benz Trucks, said: “With the third generation of the OM 471, we consistently focused on the needs of our customers. Our goal was to decrease the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and reduce fuel consumption. Our customers will benefit, as will the environment.”

The OM 471 will be available to order from October this year.

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