Continental unveils ultrasonic back-up sensor kit

By Becky Schultz27 June 2022

The Continental ultrasonic back-up sensor kit is is designed for retrofit or original equipment installation. {Photo: Continental}

Global tire and aftermarket part supplier Continental is now offering an ultrasonic back-up sensor kit designed to enhance operator and workplace safety in modern vehicles. The kit can be factory installed by OEMs or retrofit to most any vehicle, including commercial vehicles, RVs and off-highway, agricultural and material handling equipment.

The kit is designed for easy setup and simple configuration, whether as a retrofit or original equipment installation. It includes four sensors, a central control unit and a speaker.

The standard kit issues an audible alarm to the operator if the vehicle comes within 10 ft. of an object and will beep faster as the operator gets closer to the obstacle. Distance intervals can also be customized to meet OEM specifications. In addition, a voice announcement of object distance is delivered at specific intervals.

The back-up system easily integrates with available onboard camera/monitor system options. The monitor will display an overlay revealing the active sensor(s) and the object distance from that sensor, further enhancing vehicle safety.

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