@ICUEE: AxleTech Unveils New Independent Suspension

By Mike Brezonick03 October 2017

AxleTech International, in cooperation with Altec Industries, a manufacturer of work trucks for the utility industry, has developed a new drivetrain system for all-wheel drive (AWD) utility trucks. Both AxleTech and Altec are displaying an AWD utility truck incorporating featuring the ISAS suspension at ICUEE 2017 in Louisville, Ky.

Standard AWD utility trucks are equipped with a rigid front drive axle and leaf spring suspension, which typically require modifications to the vehicle’s frame rails which can result in limitations to vehicle handling, stability and control, AxleTech said.

AxleTech’s new modular drivetrain system is based on its existing ISAS independent suspension system, and is adapted for use on a Class 7/8 on-highway truck chassis. The system consists of an Independent Front Suspension (IFS) drive axle module, rated up to 22,000 lb., equipped with modern steering geometry and air disc brake technology, along with a low-profile, shift-on-the-fly transfer case. The resulting solution provides enhanced safety and vehicle control when operating on and off-road when compared to conventional drivetrain systems, AxleTech said.

“Our bolt-on modular solution eliminates the need for frame rail modifications, so our system maintains the frame height of a rear-wheel drive truck,” said James McConville, chief engineer at AxleTech. “Vehicle roll stability is improved and cab and driver-absorbed power is significantly lowered.

“Overall, the AxleTech solution provides better vehicle maneuverability, roll stability and handling when operating in the field.”

The IFS system is available now and customers can contact Altec or AxleTech for more information. Non-drive versions of the IFS are also available for fleets wanting the independent suspension on rear-wheel drive vehicles.

VIDEO: AxleTech’s New Modular Powertrain For Utility Vehicles


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