@ARA: JCB Towable Generators

11 February 2020

JCB Power Products today launched its range of RS Generators designed specifically for the North American rental market. The range includes five Tier 4 final compliant models, delivering prime power output of 56 kW (70 kVA) to 500 kW (625 kVA).

The JCB RS generator range includes: the model G70RS which produces 56 kW (70 kVA); the G125RS — 100 kW (125 kVA); the 175 kW (220 kVA) model G220RS; the model G400RSwith n output of 320 kW (400 kVA); and the G625RS which produces 500 kW (625 kVA).

The sets are designed to be towed, with operating weights from 7239 lb. (3283 kg) to 25,209 lb. (11,435 kg).

The engines include Tier 4 final aftertreatment with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) only. No diesel particulate filter (DPF) or diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) is required.

The sets include components from JCB, Volvo, MeccAlte, Deep Sea Electronics, DEIF and Schneider Electrics. Also, easy-to-access controls with automatic mains failure (AMF) and synchronizing capability. The larger models include touch screen controls.

Also, the sets have JCB LiveLink advanced telematics to provide real-time diagnostic information.

The control cubicle on JCB RS Generators segregates AC and DC supply, for maximum safety; automatic voltage regulator (AVR) adjustment can be made from the front of the control panel. All electrical enclosures and cable access points are microswitch-protected to further enhance safe operation.

Panel-mounted voltage test points and bus hot warning lamps provide verification of live circuits with no risk of contact. Further, voltage can be altered using a three-position, three-phase and single-phase alternator mounted rotary switch, allowing the operator to switch the voltage instantly, without requiring cable reconnections.

When access to the upper levels of an RS Generator is required, the JCB trailers include integrated steps and walk-on fenders with non-slip finish eliminating the need for freestanding ladders. The larger G220RS, G400RS and G625RS models include ladders integrated into the canopy design.

Each model in the JCB RS Generator range features 500-hour service intervals. When maintenance or scheduled service is required, service access doors, with integrated door stops, allow access the engine and alternator. Further, all electrical and control connections, and the diesel and DEF fluid tanks, can be accessed from ground level.

Every model in the RS line-up is equipped with a single, heavy-duty lift point, rated to lift the generator, trailer and a full tank of fuel.

All JCB RS Generators are equipped with JCB LiveLink telematics, which provides real-time operating data—including fuel use and power provision—via a desktop or mobile device, to enable remote monitoring and management of generators in the field. The LiveLink system also provides service information to ensure equipment is correctly maintained, and location information for improved security.

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