@Agritechnica: Kohler’s New Engine App

By Mike Brezonick11 November 2019

Kohler introduced a new smartphone app designed to provide monitoring and maintenance information for Kohler engines at Agritechnica.

Kohler Check App is engineered to provide a direct line between the end user and Kohler, providing the engine user general overview of the engine’s condition, characteristics and documentation, including video tutorials that show how to replace spare parts and user and maintenance handbooks.

The app’s notification system sends information on scheduled and extraordinary maintenance intervals and the app also allows the user to perform diagnostics on the engine status via Bluetooth to a dongle installed directly on the engine. The app also allows the user to contact the Kohler authorized service network directly.

Kohler said an unlimited number of engines can be register through the app, making it advantageous for those operating mobile or generator fleets of Kohler engines, including rental companies. The app’s users also receive discounts on Kohler Genuine Spare Parts — 20% off the first purchase and 10% off all subsequent purchases via the app. These are the lowest prices available anywhere for the purchase of Kohler Genuine Spare Parts, the company said. The user can pay via PayPal directly from the app, and receive orders at the specified address or else receive and pay for parts at any of the official Kohler network locations specified in the app.

Two dongle versions are available: Basic, which measures the engine’s vibrations and uses an algorithm to establish the maintenance intervals, generating a series of indications which will be displayed on the app; and Plus, available for engines with Deutsch connectors, which allows an even more precise reading of working hours to be taken, as it communicates directly with the control unit. The dongles will be available for purchase starting in the second quarter of 2020 and are not included in the discounts offered by the Kohler Check App.

The app will be available through the App Store and Google Play.

 More information can be found here.

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