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Who Are Those People?

1. Rudolf Diesel (His real name was Rudy Compression Ignition)

2. DJ Slater, Editor, Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide 

3. Brent Haight, Publisher, Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide and COMPRESSORtech2

4. Jack Burke, Editor, Diesel Progress

5. Mike Brezonick, Editor, Diesel Progress

6. Mike Osenga, Publisher, Diesel Progress

7. Chad Elmore, Editor, Diesel Progress

8. Carla Lemke, Graphic Artist

9. Niki Pokwinski, Ad Manager, Diesel Progress

10. Marisa Roberts, Production Manager

11. Patrick Crow, Editor, COMPRESSORtech2

12. Mike Rhodes, Editor, Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide

13. Jerry Karpowicz, Copy Editor

14. Roberta Prandi, Italian Editor

15. Noreen Paar, Administration

16. Mary Graesing, Accounting

17. Karl Benz (Industry founder guy)

18. Amanda Ryan, Graphic Artist

19. Bo Svensson, Scandinavian Editor 

20. Roberto Chellini, Associate Publisher, COMPRESSORtech2

21. Kara Kane, Administration

22. John Deere (Something to do with ag equipment)

23. Sue Laczkowski, Administration

24. Christa Johnson, Ad Manager, COMPRESSORtech2

25. Catrina Boettner, Digital Content Manager

26. Sue Bollwahn, Circulation

27. Sarah Yildiz, Ad Manager, Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide

28. Clessie Cummins (Hmm, there’s a company in Indiana with that name)

29. Gabriele Dinsel, Ad Manager, European Office

30. Katie Evans, Ad Manager, Diesel Progress International

31. Joseph Kane, Founder of COMPRESSORtech2

32. Robert Bosch (Had something to do with diesels too)

33. Ian Cameron, U.K. Editor

34. Carie Hoeser, Accounting

35. Wilhelm Maybach (Old time diesel guy)

36. Sheila Lizdas, Circulation

37. Mark Klippel, IT 

38 Linda Cameron, Ad Manager, U.K. Office

39. Nikolaus Otto (Made four strokes practical)

40. Alyssa Loope, She Who Designed This Cover

41. Brenda Burbach, Graphic Artist

42. Ben Holt (the co-founder of Caterpillar)

43. Lisa Hochkofler, Ad Manager, European Office

44. Gottlieb Daimler (Google it)




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