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Spain’s Woes Highlighted At Smopyc 2014

Posted on April 4, 2014

Spain’s continuing economic woes, one of the worst markets in the EU’s recent financial troubles, is being reflected in the Smopyc off-highway exhibition being held in Zaragoza, Spain.  With this, the 16th edition of the show, Smopyc seemed to be moving away from being mostly a regional show, and becoming a stronger player on the European off-highway show circuit.

Diesel Progress  Roberta Prandi is at Smopyc and filed the following report.

“Day 3 at Smopyc, the construction trade show in Saragossa, Spain: traffic in the aisles is very sparse, as it has been every day so far. Most of the 700-some exhibitors seem to take it quite philosophically though: after all everyone knows the situation of the construction industry in Spain, don't they?

“The general atmosphere is subdued, but people talk about timid signs of recovery starting in late 2013. Expectations seem to be that a more concrete upturn will come sometime in late 2014.   Spain is getting closer to general elections, expected for late 2015, and that could bring a boost for some public works.

“Quite a few of the people in the booths however remark that, although visitors have been very few, contacts have all been of the professional sort. An indication that, whoever made it to the show, did that come with a specific business purpose.

“Anmopyc, the Spanish manufacturers association of construction and mining equipment, works for its associates to reach out to foreign markets. Luis Machin, marketing and communications manager of Anmopyc, said that the Spanish domestic market is still down flat, so companies that want to stay in business have to turn to export markets.

“The next appointment for the construction industry in Europe is the Samoter trade show in Verona, Italy. Expectations cannot be very high for that too, especially after contrasting rumors had the show for cancelled, then confirmed again from 8 to 11 May. Another country in social and economic trouble, another show to check out.”