Air Cleaner Range Expanded

Posted on September 28, 2012

Donaldson Co. announced that it has expanded its PowerCore air filter range with the addition of the PSD14 air cleaner, which takes the PSD family of air cleaners into a larger size and airflow range – now up to 1450 cfm. The PowerCore PSD is designed to incorporate two-stage filtration and a built-in pre-cleaner into a single, compact unit.

The PSD Air Cleaner family covers initial airflow range of 176 to 1450 cfm. With mounting brackets on three sides of the housing and two separate drop tube orientations, PSDs offer the greatest amount of flexibility for a wide variety of installations, Donaldson said. The metal-free configurations are 30 to 60% smaller than standard pleated air filters at given life and efficiency targets, the company said, and have a sustained temperature tolerance of -40º to 180°F.

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