Voltage Regulators

Posted on September 28, 2011

Basler Electric has introduced the BE350 and BE2000E voltage regulators as a new economical product offering in its line up. While originally designed, developed and manufactured for several years under an agreement with a well known U.S. generator manufacturer as the SE350 and DVR2000E voltage regulators, Basler is now offering the units to the market in its current product portfolio.

The BE350 voltage regulator is designed for use on 60 and 50 Hz brushless generators. This potted regulator is designed as an economical, compact, rugged controller that incorporates solid state technology with frequency compensation, automatic voltage build-up and EMI filtering. It features an integrated circuitry, exciter field current of 3.5 Amp continuous, 5 Amp forcing and a regulation accuracy of ± 1.0% at no load to full load, Basler said. The unit is also designed for faster response, frequency compensation and has internal fuse protection. It is also CSA certified and UL recognized.

The BE2000E voltage regulator is designed to control the output of brushless excited synchronous generators equipped with single phase permanent magnet generators. The BE2000E features four control modes: automatic voltage regulation (AVR), manual or field current regulation, power factor regulation and reactive power regulation. It has programmable stability settings and soft start control with an adjustable time setting in AVR control mode. It also includes three-phase or single-phase generator voltage sensing/regulation in AVR mode as well as single-phase generator current sensing for metering and regulation purposes. Six protection functions are integrated: overexcitation shutdown, generator overvoltage shutdown, overtemperature shutdown, loss of generator sensing shutdown, overexcitation limiting and crowbar shutdown. A front-panel interface indicates system status and offers the ability to adjust settings while a rear RS-232 communication port allows for personal computer communication using BESTCOMS-BE2000E Windows-based software.