Underhood Hose For Biodiesel, Synthetic Lubes

Posted on September 30, 2008

Eaton Corp. has launched a new line of flexible rubber hose designed for use with B2 to B100 biodiesel blends, as well as synthetic lubricants used in high-temperature truck transmission oil cooler applications. The new GH100 hose incorporates a hydrogenated nitrile rubber tube wrapped with aramid/poly braid reinforcement within a polyester abrasion-resistant cover. It is qualified for underhood use with B2 to B20 up to 150° C and B100 up to 125° C and for transmission oil cooler applications using synthetic lubricants at peak temperatures up to 175° C, the company said.

“Biodiesel blends and synthetic lubricants are important aspects of the emerging sustainable energy system and they are going to be increasingly common in the future,” said Doris Showalter, Eaton senior product manager, transportation and air conditioning products. “Unfortunately, these fluids can quickly make ordinary hose products brittle and prone to cracking, and subject them to other forms of premature failure. At temperatures above 100° C, some biodiesel blends above B20 can ‘bake out’ the elastomers necessary to keep hoses flexible. The materials used in GH100 resist ‘bake out’ which reduces the potential for damage and early hose failure.”

Eaton GH100 hose is intended to fill the temperature-performance gap between conventional CPE (chlorinated polyethylene) tube hose products and premium PTFE (Teflon) hoses on these vehicles. It meets the requirements of common industry test methods including ASTM D380, 412, and 2240, and has also passed various specific customer/OE biodiesel and fuel test requirements, Eaton said. The initial product offering will include sizes 6 through 12. Other sizes can be produced to meet specific customer requirements, the company said.