Clean Diesel And Extengine Enter Into Agreement

Posted on September 28, 2006

Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. and Extengine Transport Systems LLC have entered into a license and distribution agreement of diesel particulate filters for the Chinese and North American markets. The licensing agreement is for the technology, manufacturing and distribution rights for Clean Diesel’s patented Catalyzed Wire Mesh diesel particulate filter which under the agreement, Extengine will market and provide demand fulfillment for China and North America.

According to the two companies, the Catalyzed Wire Mesh diesel particulate filter meets the proposed emissions requirements of SEPA, the Environment Protection Authority of China and has been verified by Clean Diesel under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Technology Verification protocol as reducing PM emissions by up to 76%, CO by 60%, HC by 80% and NOx by 9%. The Catalyzed Wire Mesh diesel particulate filter represents a series of durable metallic, low cost filter designs which are intended to bridge the gap between low efficiency diesel oxidation catalysts and expensive, limited application heavily catalyzed particulate filters, the companies said. The wire mesh filter system has been designed to work on its own or with a synergistic fuel-borne catalyst such as Clean Diesel’s Platinum Plus for more effective performance.

Extengine is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of diesel emissions control products and biodiesel fuels based in Fullerton, Calif. Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. and its UK branch office, Clean Diesel International, LLC, is a developer of emissions control products located in Stamford, Conn. Its products include the Platinum Plus fuel borne catalysts, the Platinum Plus Purifier System, a catalyzed wire mesh filter and the ARIS urea injection system for selective catalytic reduction of NOx.