CARB Level 3 Verification For EnviCat-DPF

Posted on September 7, 2006

Süd-Chemie Inc., Needham, Mass., has been granted performance Verification of its catalyzed diesel particulate filter (DPF), the EnviCat-DPF, by the California Air Resources Board. The CARB Verification covers Level 3 which offers a minimum of 85% particulate reduction from EPA Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 diesel engines for prime power and standby generator sets and diesel pump set applications. Fuels are specified as under 500 ppm low sulfur diesel, ULSD and biodiesel (B20).

Süd-Chemie Inc is part of the Air Purification Group of Süd-Chemie AG, headquartered in Munich, Germany. In addition to the EnviCat-DPF, Süd-Chemie also offers a range of oxidation catalysts (CO & HC) for diesel and lean burn natural gas engines and gas turbines, and Three-Way Catalysts (NOx, CO & HC) for rich-burn natural gas and gasoline engines.