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Automatic Paralleling Module

Posted on October 21, 2013

Kohler Generators has introduced a new automatic paralleling module (APM) designed to allow single-phase paralleling of its 14 kW and 20 kW automatic standby generators. The Kohler PowerSync APM targets homes and small businesses and is engineered to assure constant power with increased loads for critical electronics.

Kohler said the module is among the first of its kind to automatically synchronize two generators to provide an added layer of redundancy to power critical electronics if one is out of service. It also automatically connects the second generator to expand capacity when electrical loads increase.

Using the module to better match power needs may decrease generator fuel consumption, extend generator life, and could be a more cost-effective option than a larger unit, the company said. The PowerSync APM is compatible with the Kohler 14RESA and 20RESA gen-sets equipped with the RDC2 controller, as well as with the company’s residential generator accessories, including the RXT transfer switch, Load Control Module and load shed kits, Programmable Interface Module and the OnCue Generator Management System.

The PowerSync APM features advanced controls for simple operation, an LED user interface, aluminum enclosure suitable for indoor or outdoor installation and comes with activation codes for Kohler’s patented OnCue management system. The module is UL listed and compatible with 200 amp service, Kohler said.