Dow Exiting The DPF Business

Posted on October 25, 2012

Dow Chemical Co., is apparently exiting the diesel particulate filter business, the Midland, Mich. manufacturer said. The move comes as part of a companywide restructuring that will result in the loss of about 2400 jobs, or five percent of its global workforce, as well the shutdown of approximately 20 manufacturing facilities.

One of those facilities to be closed is the Automotive Systems Diesel Particulate Filters manufacturing facility in Midland. Rebecca Bentley, director of financial communications for Dow, told the website MLIfe Michigan, that the closing of the diesel particulate filter manufacturing operation is a result of the slow adoption of the technology.

Bentley told the website that a DPF package known as Aerify is made at the facility. "We believe in the technology, unfortunately, the market is just not adopting the technology," Bentley said.

A Dow company spokesman told Diesel Progress: "Dow Aerify has demonstrated significant performance advantages in the marketplace and will require additional capital investment to fully realize its potential. Due to the current economic uncertainty Dow has re-evaluated its path to the market and the necessary resources required to fully implement the business model.

"As a result the company has elected to exit the DPF business and shift its resources to other strategic opportunities. While an exact closing date has not been determined, we are working closely with customers to ensure our commitments are met."