New Tognum Board of Management Member

Posted on October 18, 2010

Tognum Board of Management member Rainer Breidenbach (55), who is responsible for the Business Unit Engines, will be leaving the company on Dec 31, 2010 at his own request. He has asked the Supervisory Board to prematurely terminate his contract, which was due to run until Oct. 31, 2011. Breidenbach has asked to terminate his position for personal reasons and will then take early retirement. His successor will be Peter Kneipp (52), who has been managing the Asia/Pacific sales region for the Tognum Group for the last few years.

Rolf Eckrodt, chairman of the supervisory board of Tognum AG said, "We regret that Breidenbach has taken this decision. Since he joined the company in 2005, his decades of experience in sales and distribution have enabled him to become a major force in shaping the sales approach pursued by the Tognum Group and he ultimately takes the credit for the success we have achieved. He will nevertheless continue to support us in an advisory capacity."

Kneipp was born in Heilbronn and is a mechanical engineer. He joined MTU Friedrichshafen in 1989 as a project manager for marine propulsion systems. At an early stage in his career, Kneipp was involved in projects that enabled him to acquire experience in the Asia-Pacific region, where he has worked and lived since 1997.Kneipp began in Singapore, then transferred to Australia in 2000, where for several years he held the position of managing director of MTU's subsidiary, MTU Detroit Diesel Australia.

Following a an interim period in the U.S. at MTU Detroit Diesel, Kneipp has been president and CEO of Tognum subsidiary, MTU Asia Ltd., since 2004. During this time, the revenues of the Asian subsidiary have doubled and operating profit has multiplied many times over, the company said.

"With Kneipp, we have appointed a man to the Board of Management with considerable international experience and many years of success to his credit as the managing director of our most important subsidiary who will continue the successful management of our largest Business Unit Engines." said Eckrodt.