Omega Launches Flurry Of New Products

Posted on October 14, 2008

Omega Engineering’s product lines received a boost recently with five new introductions from its temperature and measurement range. Included in the introductions were the REX011 series of explosion-proof thermostats, new slimline lamps, the CN740 series temperature controllers, a variety of insulated wires and the new RC016 heater series.

New to the temperature range is the REX011 series of explosion-proof thermostats. The units are designed to provide a higher accuracy reading for use in automotive and petroleum applications. A small switching hysteresis was engineered into the series to allow the units to be directly connected and switched, without the need for additional relays, Omega said.

Also new are Omega’s slimline lamps for installation in panels and enclosures. An on/off switch and a movement sensor are integrated into the lamp which can be specified with or without electrical units.

Omega’s new CN740 series temperature controllers are engineered to provide accurate temperature measurement and control in a 1/16 DIN package. The CN740 series is designed to be compatible with a variety of thermocouple and RTD inputs. The temperature controllers are CE compliant and available in single output control, either simple on/off or full PID, and two alarm outputs. They are approved for use in water, chemical, plastics, automotive and food processing.

Omega now features a variety of insulated wires for its sensor, transducer, hook-up, heater, RTD, thermocouple, tc extension wire and MI cables, including solid or stranded wire with single, one pair or multi pair conductors. Long continuous lengths up to 5000 ft. are available for bulk OEM needs while short 25 to 500 ft. productions spools are ideal for connecting strain gages to solder terminal strips and pads, Omega said.

The new RC016 series of small heaters are designed to provide energy savings by using a compact footprint that prevents condensation to ensure a minimum operating temperature in small enclosures. The heater is CE compliant with a wider voltage range and a NEMA 1 rating. Applications include factory automation and installation in industrial electrical panels and process control panels.

Omega offers its full product range through its website.